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Posted 8.13.06 @ 7:30 PM by fei

Game: Quake 3 Arena
Creator: cristal & fei
Quake 3 Arena, Trick-Stunt
Length: 17 minutes 5 seconds
Page Views: 86,147 Total (6 yesterday)
Downloads (Unique): 6,625 Total (0 yesterday)
Favorites: 48

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Some of the greatest team tricks you have ever seen. Lead by iT_raTe and many less famous yet highly skilled trickers took up the task of filling in the hole left by Team iT after the dishearting cancelation of "iTeam" which was going be edited by mrks (the demos got leaked then care-level dropped to zero).

Many of these demos shown are high ping (200+) and are some very complex timing, so please apreciate the skill invovled, hopefully cristal and I have shown the content in a way that improves the look and feel of Q3 vq3 team tricking. There is a balance of weapons and maps, cams and effects, that should please even non Q3 players.


Also there are 2 audio tracks, 2nd has less sync of course, but is one dam nice tune. Mixed by mrks.

Playback issues
Note: xvid version is for slow PCs and slow connections, everyone else should grab the "x264 400p" version. Also the HD (1280x720 x264) version of the movie will only be played back smooth by brand new PCs. The MQ(720x400), is very High Quality though.

1. Try using the VideoLan Client for playback of your files. It has built in x264 support, so installing the ffdshow playback filter, is not required. I don't have ffdshow installed, only VLC, MPC.

2. Check your CPU stats, if it's below 2GHz you may not be able to play the movie properly. Turn off other programs running on your computer.

3. Install latest version of ffdshow then play the file with Media Player Classic.
(if it fails, you need to reboot your computer, then run the install again)

Note: ffdshow has been known to cause a few problems.
1. While installing ffdshow make sure you check decoding of x264, and un-check everything else, especially decoding of Xvid (Xvid handles itself fine.) Also un-check post processing in the install, if checked. Also for audio decoding, un-check all boxes.

2. Install the MatroskaSplitter (make sure to check support for avi and mp4)

If you still cant play back the movie, you will need to watch a different version. This is where the Xvid encode comes in.

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By fei on 8.13.06 @ 7:27 PM:
Xvid HD/HQ is up.

thank you: ashr, wussie, roger, style prod, cristal, lasen, derjamster, filefront, don, anyone else who hosts / uploads on torrent!!! <3

please dont hit dead link. but just incase.

fast .de mirror
400p x264
720p x264

400p Xvid;5397616;;/fileinfo.html
720p x264;5395859;;/fileinfo.html
400p x264;5397672;;/fileinfo.html
720p Xvid;5409518;;/fileinfo.html

400p x264

400p x264
720p x264

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By Wussie on 8.13.06 @ 7:28 PM:
Congratulations Cristal & Fei! Good job, now reap what you've sown :)

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By Gouki on 8.13.06 @ 7:38 PM:

unity finally

dl now!!!!!!!!!

gj fei and cristal
By ibiz on 8.13.06 @ 7:56 PM:
The best tricking movie I've ever seen. I havent seen many, but still.. kickass vid.
By killat0n on 8.13.06 @ 7:58 PM:
downloading, kick ass!! been waiting for this

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By spookmineer on 8.13.06 @ 8:27 PM:
Great movie, I've never seen such complex tricks before, quality is amazing, content is amazing and music fits the (at times) slowmo parts. Awesome.

By anjers on 8.13.06 @ 8:29 PM:
awesome vid <3
By unHuman on 8.13.06 @ 8:52 PM:
Jesus Christ. I rarely post comments, but couldn't hold back for this one :P
overall 9.5

By kaMIKazE on 8.13.06 @ 8:54 PM:
only complaints are that the earlier tricks and stuff were pretty confusing (though that's adds more depth in the long run) and the music in that part was annoying (haven't watched with audio track 2 yet though)

otherwise, crazy good as usual!

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By Vayne on 8.13.06 @ 9:04 PM:
Good Job!

By sp4rky on 8.13.06 @ 10:23 PM:
Really great movie, but a few things made it dissapointing for me.

The video's image was great and it seems like alot of work when into this video, so why not go all out and add Quake 3 sounds. No Quake 3 sounds is a HUGE negative. Now like I said the Image was great cams on the other hand weren't so great at times. Had I not seen/helped these demos, I would have no clue as to what was going on and a couple times the cam cut off before the trick was ended.

In all honesty the only things that saved this video from being totaly dissapointing for me was the content. Music too was done well, just get those Q3 sounds in there next time ;D

Also I might suggest to the SP/TP team to stop making trailers or announcing upcoming movies until you are sure the release is close to the announcment. This movie and the other movie mrks is doing have been in production then scraped then in production. The wait is annoying as hell and I do believe it hurts your final release, because by that time it is released we expect an ungoldly ammount of quality (sounds,music,editing,etc) in the edditing.

All in all this was a great video and it just shows yet again that there is always new things for q3. and
By paeki on 8.13.06 @ 10:28 PM:
k, here's my 2 cents worth.

+ content
+ content
+ content
the content was mindblowing at times I must say, they really pushed team tricking to new levels.
no more explanation needed. big up to all trickers!

+/- quality&compression
I've watched standard x.264 and xvid, tho I have an antique comp so a few part were choppy/lagged@x264.
(tho it's the first x264 vid I've been able to watch semi-properly)

+/-[-] cams
nothing special here really, the only "experimenting" I saw was on some dm17 trick where the picture was split. and I'm sorry to say that I thought some cams were quite bad, as in they didn't manage to present the tricks properly, or that you even missed out on the action(1 time only tho).
but not all cams were sub-par, but I got the feel that the cams would appeal "cammers/vidmakers" more than trickers.

- music
ok I'm a musician and I listen to music 24/7 and it's a matter of taste. no extraordinary synching that caught my attention.
(tho I'm no expert on the different kinds of synching)
the music was like muzak to me, it didn't speak to me or affect me the slightest. I can't even remember any of the music or melodies except one song from the second soundtrack(which was overall better imho, but still not the kind of enhancer I've experienced in other movies)

umm that's what I can squeeze out atm, the time is 05:25am so I'm a bit muddled or smthn.

but still much <3 to fei and cristal \P:/ ... make more great movies!...............or else! \D:/

By nebuLa on 8.13.06 @ 10:45 PM:
I must say I was rather disappointed with no in-game sound as well. I had high expectations for this film ever since I heard that fei and shaolin productions were going to be producing the movie. The overall pace seemed to be rushed to me. Some tricks were not accurately depicted to the viewer because of awkward camming angles. I did however love the quality/compression/effects (except for the new plasma splash). The music seemed to fit well with the style and was synched also.

I would strongly recommend to all the viewers to watch all the demos and points of view to really understand what is going on in the trick/concept. I remember spending long long nights with rate and other people attempting to land some of these monster concepts. It's very difficult and frustrating at times, but it was really neat seeing how it all turned out on a professionally made project. Most importantly, I enjoyed this film and it is an action packed ride with 100 percent team based tricks and concepts.

I made a greets list in the zip/rar, but I'd once again like to thank rate for being so persistent with all the concepts and ideas he had along the way. Without his motivation, I think I'd probably wouldn't have completed most of these tricks just due to stress and lack of interest at times. So thanks for pushing players to the limit dude! Turned out real well. :) Also, huge thanks to Shaolin Productions for taking the time to take on this monster of a film, with all the badass content. I bet it was very difficult figuring out how to cam all these tricks, and although it didn't meet the expectations of some people, I think you guys did nothing short of a well-made sp production :P Hooray for Team Tricking!
By Hanzfree on 8.14.06 @ 1:41 AM:
Wow downloading....
By Lags on 8.14.06 @ 2:43 AM:
Xvid mirror dont work

By fhantom on 8.14.06 @ 4:01 AM:
downloading.. : >>

By [7]Raven on 8.14.06 @ 4:12 AM:
By dr_burschelmann on 8.14.06 @ 4:29 AM:
cant wait, should I shoot myself?^^

€: Somethings not right with filefront, whats about a torrent for the xvid-ver? =D

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By n1ghtw1ng on 8.14.06 @ 5:20 AM:
try this link for xvid -;5397616;;/fileinfo.html

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By dr_burschelmann on 8.14.06 @ 5:26 AM:
sorry, doesnt work for me^^

Please wait while the download server is contacted...
end of the line :P

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By danger on 8.14.06 @ 6:58 AM:
Best Team Trick movie what i RESPEKT NICE

By Frozz-T on 8.14.06 @ 7:25 AM:
Wow, Awesome nice Movie
Good Time for Quakers,Anti-Conformist then thies week first Tobu then this,dont stop now *g*

But the Tricks are Insane,the match with Event Horizon 2 is won!
Whats the next projects,please never stop Q3 Vidmaking,we need you guys!!
By iMh0 on 8.14.06 @ 8:04 AM:
Really nice to watch, great quality (normal x.264).
Just as expected from these creators *thumb-up*

Btw my first comment here after dling and watching tons of movies >.<